The files you'll need to use ExperienceSampler

Here are all the files you'll need to start customizing ExperienceSampler. We have also started a GitHub repository with all our ExperienceSampler files.

Files for New ExperienceSampler Project

We recommend checking our GitHub repository for the most up-to-date files.

ExperienceSampler Template Files

       Experience Sampler Template Files on Github
       Experience Sampler Template Files for iOS
       Experience Sampler Template Files for Android

ExperienceSampler Example App Files

       ExperienceSampler Example App Files on Github
       Experience Sampler Example App Files for iOS
       Experience Sampler Example App Files for Android

Server Side File

       Experience Sampler Data Collector script

Wireless Distribution Files

       Wireless distribution website HTML file
       Wireless distribution website CSS file
       Wireless distribution plist file for iOS apps
       Wireless distribution icon file for iOS apps
       Wireless distribution iTunesArtwork for iOS apps