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Android version

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1. Click on the appropriate download link and install the correct version for your phone.
2. Launch the app.
3. Enter your participant number. This will be in the email the researchers send you.
4. Enter the times that you wake up and have dinner for weekdays and weekends. You will be asked to enter hours separately from the minutes. Please see the example below.
5. Exit out of the app. Then re-launch the app. This will send your data to the researchers.
6. Email the researchers to let them know you have re-installed the app and have re-launched it, so they can check to see if they have received your data.

On weekdays, you wake up at 8:00AM and eat dinner at 6:30PM.
On weekends, you up at 10:10AM and eat dinner at 7:15PM.

You would enter the following information into the screens:
Weekday Wake Hour: 8
Weekday Wake Minutes: 00
Weekday Dinner Hour: 18
Weekday Dinner Minutes: 30
Weekend Wake Hour: 10
Weekend Wake Minutes: 10
Weekend Dinner Hour: 19
Weekend Dinner Minutes: 15

For the iOS version, each time you exit the app, there will be a pop-up dialog asking you to turn on location services that will disappear before you can answer it. Please just ignore it.
Alternatively, you agree to enable location services on for the app, and then turn off location services completely after doing this. This tends to make the pop-dialog disappear completely.

If you have any questions or are still having problems, please email the researchers.