The Introduction

ExperienceSampler is an open-source
smartphone app designed specifically for experience sampling studies

It's built on JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3, the most widely used programming languages on the web. Using Cordova, an open-source library that allows JavaScript to access native device functions, we have created an app compatible with both Android OS and iOS without any native code!

The Details

ExperienceSampler Features

It has many features that make it ideal for experience sampling studies

Basic Survey Functions

To get you started, we've included basic survey functions like multiple choice questions, Likert-scale items, and open-ended questions. You can also incorporate skip logic and question branching.

Time-Stamped Responses

Each and every response is time-stamped, so you can determine whether participants are answering their questionnaires throughout the day or all at once (i.e., hoarding). You can also lock participants out of the app for predetermined amounts of time to further deter hoarding.

Local Notifications

The signalling system operates independent of whether phones have a cell signal because we used the local notification systems included in Android OS and iOS. So having no cell signal is no problem.

Data Storage

The data is stored locally on the phone and sent to your server whenever participants are connected to the Internet through WiFi or a cell signal.

Snooze Feature

We've also included a snooze function, so participants can be reminded to complete questionnaires at a later time if they are currently busy.

Low Operational Costs

Most things of the things you need to use ExperienceSampler are free. There are only two operational costs currently associated with ExperienceSampler – an iOS Enterprise Developer Membership ($299 USD/year) and a server to store your data.

Easy to Customize

Best of all, the app is easy to adapt. If you are comfortable replacing variables names and numbers in your stats syntax files, then customizing ExperienceSampler with your own questions and signalling schedule will be a breeze.

Endless Possibilities

Because ExperienceSampler is open-source, you can create your own functions and features.

Latest Updates

SPSP 2017 Talk Slides

You can download the slides from our 2017 SPSP talk below. This talk include practical advice about using ExperienceSampler.

SPSP 2015 Talk Slides

EYou can download the slides from our 2015 SPSP talk below.